Digital Signage

Solara Communications came into the Digital Signage industry in 2014.  This, being a new side of the business, has quite an exciting story.  Andrew Rodriguez, President, explains how the company fell into it.

digital signage
“Solara Communications moved into the Digital Signage industry when Wetzel’s Pretzels reached out to us during an install and expressed how unhappy they were with the current vendor and asked if we could help them find a better solution. At the time, we were just doing the installations of the screens and media players. The other vendor was doing the content hosting and support. Through our experience in working with several Network Integrators from the CISCO side of the communications spectrum, we understood that the Digital Signage vendor was taking a ten-pound project and trying to stuff it into a five-pound solution. The industry was using freeware to attract customers and utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach. The problem with this is that Wetzel’s Pretzels had five custom animations that they wanted to play in between the static menu content. The static side was okay, but every time the animations played the screens would glitch and lag to the point that it was very difficult to watch, and telling the Wetzel’s corporate story became lost in the inferior quality of the media player and freeware. This had an effect on how they engaged their customers.

As stated before, Solara wasn’t constrained by the industry practices that were prevalent during this time; rather, we took a solutions-oriented approach. Solara went out to the industry and took the animations to the best vendors in the Digital Signage arena and brought them together to create a custom solution that addressed all the problems that they were having before, and overcame them one-by-one through our technology integration background. Solara brought the best partners to the table to provide Wetzel’s and their franchisees a solution that was specific to their needs. Now with Solara managing the installs, content and technical support, we have seen the digital menu boards become an integral part of their marketing department. Not only does it cut down on perceived wait times for their customers, which in the quick-service restaurant field is huge, but it is being utilized to help gather analytics to help Wetzel’s to target specific demographics. Solara will never be the everything-to-everybody type of Digital Signage partner. Solara Communications is the partner you need if you have a custom product and a vision on how your company wants to reach its customers through this medium”.

As you can see, Andrew Rodriguez, being the President of Solara Communications, is a problem solver and solution maker for customer needs. Andrew has the creative ability and the industry contacts to help customers bring their ideas and dreams to reality. With the dedication of Andrew and his team, Solara Communications is your go to partner for any custom, out-of-the box digital signage solution.

digital signage